Inheritance in canaries by Davenport

Goldfinch and Goldfinch X Crested Yellow Canary cross offspring

The top bird is the result of a Goldfinch X Crested Yellow Canary cross. The bottom bird is the Goldfinch father.

Inheritance in canaries
by Charles Benedict Davenport

Published 1908
Papers of the Station for Experimental Evolution, no. 10
Publisher Washington, D. C., Carnegie Institution of Washington
Pages 50

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Fresh Foods for Canaries article in July 2015 Stafford Canary Club newsletter

Seed eating birds often don’t! For many avian species, this can be
compared to the hardtack survival diet that sailors used on voyages
before the invention of refrigeration. This is easily observed by
anyone who feeds the wild birds all year ‘round. During the harsh
months of winter when nothing else is available, hard-billed birds
seek out dry seed to survive. As soon as spring arrives in full, far
fewer outdoor birds visit the feeder. Once nature’s salad bar of
milky fresh seed, fruits, greens, and insects again is again well
stocked, our feathered neighbors prefer those items.

This article outlines some things that we can use for canaries and
finches to try to replace the fresh foods that birds find in the wild
during the best months of the year. Also, as these dietary items are
sold for human consumption, we can have at least some confidence in
the quality. Products sold for animals receive much less scrutiny in
terms of inspections. Indeed, some ingredients in feed are actually
condemned for people.

. . .

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Marc Weiss speaks with Canary and Finch News

Marc Weiss with Datnoids

Thinking of feeding tropical fish food to cage birds? Professional aquarist Marc Weiss says think again!

Here’s the audio of the first episode of the Canary and Finch News podcast.

Other topics discussed include exotic fish and birds now feral in Florida and breeding the Green Singing Finch.

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Marc Weiss with cockatoo in Florida

Don’t try this at home — if where you live is anything like Jersey City!