Andrea Cabibi talks about using artificial insemination for canaries and other birds

Andrea Cabibi

Here’s the audio of the second episode of the Canary and Finch News Podcast.

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BIOGRAPHY of Andrea Cabibi

I have worked with wildlife for over 33 years and been employed within zoological institutions in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. I have specialized in the captive breeding, rehabilitation and release of endangered species and had experience working with over 400 species of birds, animals and reptiles – from Condors and elephants to aardwolves and kiwis. I have worked in diverse environments ranging from building wildlife refuges high in the Canadian Rocky mountains to rehabilitating wildlife in the Florida Everglades and developing captive breeding programs in Great Britain. I have written many captive breeding protocols for a variety of endangered species. I have also been instrumental in developing a humane ‘adverse conditioning’ program for urban wild bear populations to reduce the killing of ‘nuisance bears’ and for developing protocols for the safe rehabilitation of orphaned bear cubs.

I have held management positions in various zoos, and for the past 8 years I have been Animal Care Manager of the bird department at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park where I am responsible for over 1200 birds. I received specialized training in artificial insemination in birds from the National Zoo in Washington, DC and from there I developed the successful artificial insemination program for cranes at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

I also breed and show canaries and have over 170 birds at home. Over the past couple of years I have perfected artificial insemination techniques for the smaller birds in my own bird room at home. From this I then developed the ‘Artificial Insemination Kit for Canary and Finch Breeders’, so that I could share this skill with other canary and finch breeders. These Kits are now selling worldwide. I am also developing techniques for cryopreservation, or freezing, of the small bird sperm so that I can also share those skills with other bird breeders within the next year. My website — — gives more details on the Artificial Insemination Kit.

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2 thoughts on “Andrea Cabibi talks about using artificial insemination for canaries and other birds”

  1. Hello Andrea,
    I work with parrots, some of which are rare. I understand you have created a video or DVD on artificial insemination. How does one acquire a copy of this information. I do work with avian vets and use the latest avian management information. Working with others, I am setting up a non-profit to captive raise some rare species of eclectus parrots and to assist with conservation in the wild. Thank you for your time.


    Laurella Desborough

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