Using canary nests for zebra finches

Open canary nest used with zebra finches

Open canary nest used with zebra finches - plastic food container top

I’m experimenting using open canary nests for zebra finches. Necessity was the mother of innovation. The original pair was nesting in a closed wicker nest. I offered the parents and their offspring box style nests, which were rejected. As there’s no practical way to band nestlings in wicker nests and the material is a sanitation disaster, I did not want to provide these.

I decided to try canary nests. Here, the nests are easily inspected. The plastic canary nests can be quickly removed and replaced. Cleaning and sterilizing these is no problem.

I’ve one pair in an open nest. The other nest was modified by a “dome” cut from a large size yogurt container.

The pair of birds in the top image have a chick in the nest now. That’s a brother – sister pair. Perhaps in 5 years or so I’ll have strains of zebra finches comparable to C. C. Little’s mice.

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